If you're looking to upgrade your phone system, you may want to keep in mind that according to some experts, landlines may become completely obsolete within 10 years. They are expected to be replaced largely by VoIP and unified communications systems.

According to Paul Gibson of Cloud Telephones, "The tipping point at the minute is expected to be 2018, when the sales of IP telephony will outsell traditional phone systems." He added, "Why would you buy an outdated phone system? It's like buying a black and white TV when you know colour TVs are around."

So why is the landline on its way out? According to phone companies, maintaining the copper wire landline network is an expensive and unnecessary cost when broadband and WiFi are around. 

AT&T is one of the major providers encouraging individuals and businesses to move away from landlines. "Our current infrastructure has served us well for almost a century but it no longer meets the needs of America's consumers," AT&T senior executive vice president Jim Cicconi writes of the copper wire network.

Not only do VoIP networks require less physical maintenance, they are also less expensive to use day-to-day. VoIP providers normally charge a single flat monthly rate for a variety of features, including long-distance and international calls, video conferencing and mobile integration. This allows businesses to better plan their monthly cash flow rather than waiting for the phone bill to come in each month.

If you're still using a landline system, contact Richmond Telecom for a complimentary technology audit to determine how you can make the right upgrade for your business. We will conduct a thorough network analysis free of charge and tailor our solutions to your business' specific needs.

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