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To grow, businesses must work with a phone provider that doesn’t restrict their communication. Unfortunately many do. These providers frequently offer a limited amount of IT services and products at expensive rates. Worse, many bait companies into signing long term contracts which are difficult to void.


We don’t do that. If you’re a small, medium or large business looking to choose from a variety of affordable telephone systems, you’ve come to the right place. Our impervious phone systems are the best on the market with enterprise features including VoIP, Unified Messaging, Digital, Analog, Find-Me/Follow-Me Calling, Full PBX, Key Systems, Auto Attendant, Unified Communications, Personal Number, Hosted Conferencing, Call Recording and more. Even better, you can further customize these options to fit your business type.

Here are five types of affordable telephone systems we offer:

  • Analog
    Analog phone systems, also known as POTS or plain old telephone service, use copper wires to transmit messages. These tend to have the most basic features and are very reliable. However, they’re also more expensive to maintain, fix and upgrade. For example, if a company wants to change the location of an existing line, a professional will have to rewire the system. If this doesn’t bother you, and you’re looking solely for a dependable phone, you can’t go wrong with analog solutions.
  • Digital
    Digital systems use a digital phone network or cable to convert the analog voice signal into a digital signal. Digital systems are also more flexible than analog devices and can support advanced IP features that allow for voicemail to email or SMS, among others. Along with being more adaptable, they tend to be more affordable telephone systems and have higher security ratings because they allow encrypted messages.
  • IP Telephone systems
    We might consider IP telephones a distant relative to digital systems. A main difference between the two is that messages are sent as packets through the IP protocol over the internet. Like digital, they are also affordable phone systems that can easily adapt to a company’s needs.
  • Hybrid systems
    Those who don’t want to switch entirely over to VoIP but still want to take advantage of IP telephony may be pleased with hybrid systems. Hybrid phone systems combine traditional telecommunications with IP services, offering customers feature-rich, affordable phone solutions.
  • Refurbished phones
    If you’re not ready to replace your old phone system, why not ask us to fix it? Or, you could all purchase a refurbished phone that mimics your current system.

It doesn’t matter if your phone system spans IP telephone systems to PBX systems and expandable ones, we’re here to make sure your employees are productive and efficient.

Not Just Any Telecom Company. We’re Richmond Telecom.

Not Just Any Telecom Company. We’re Richmond Telecom.

No matter your industry, we provide Richmond trusted cloud based business phone solutions that exceed your expectations.