4G LTE Failover and Why Your Richmond Business Needs It

Many organizations rely on landline formats such as Cable and DSL as their primary internet connections, but landlines are vulnerable to disruption, no matter how reliable your internet service provider is. With businesses moving the majority of their day-to-day technology to the cloud, a secure, reliable internet connection is pertinent to avoiding downtime in the event that internet connection is disrupted. This is where LTE Failover networks come in to provide a reliable backup solution.

4g lte failover

What is LTE Failover?

LTE Failover is a cellular network that keeps your business running smoothly when unexpected disruptions to your internet connection occur. LTE offers your business continuity by providing a reliable backup network if your primary internet connection is ever compromised.

Many businesses feel that having a backup connection is an unnecessary added expense, however the benefits of an LTE backup far outweigh the cost of downtime too your business due to a failed internet connection.

Internet disruptions are far more common that some may think. Common Elements that affect Internet Connection include:

  • Construction projects
  • Natural disasters
  • Severe weather
  • Traffic incidents
  • Data Center breaches
  • Power outages

Internet outages are typically always unexpected, so having a back-up plan to keep your business afloat when outages occur will put you ahead of the game.

How Does LTE Failover work?

The LTE failover router connects to the primary router and sends continuous probes, which constantly tests your internet connection. Once the failover router detects a link failure from the primary router, it kicks in to take over the main connection, giving your business full continuity. At Richmond Telecom, we offer industry leading failover technology. Providing business grade, secure connectivity to distributed enterprises.

LTE Failover 1


  • “Always On” 4G LTE wireless is reliable
  • Automated failover during primary internet outage
  • Simple network configuration, set it and forget it
  • Network outage notifications

Who Needs a 4G LTE Failover Internet Solution?

Whether you have a small brick and mortar business, or a large enterprise level business, you likely rely on an internet connection to keep the day to day operation of your business running smoothly. As a result of this, if your primary internet connection fails, your operations are at risk of coming to a halt.

In order to better understand how important internet connection is for your business, we’ve outlined some common technology that your industry uses to operate:

Restaurants & Retail

Restaurants and retailers rely on receiving payments from customers through Point of Sale technology. Nearly 100% of PoS systems run through cloud technology which relies on an internet connection to work. If your primary internet connection fails, you will be unable to make transactions with your customers, ultimately putting a halt to your operation. With 4G LTE Failover internet, in the event your internet connection fails, you will always have a backup connection through cellular data that will keep your PoS operable.

Don’t let an internet outage impact your ability to service customers and receive payments. Invest in an LTE Failover solution with Richmond Telecom.

SMB & Enterprise Business Offices

Today’s modern businesses are implementing more and more cloud based technology and Software-as-a-Service applications to keep their businesses competitive. The more applications your business has in the cloud, the more susceptible you are to being affected by internet outages. With this is mind, it is essential that your business has a solid business continuity solution.

Examples of technology your business is using that are powered by the internet:

  • CRM
  • Inventory technology
  • Financial Accounting Systems
  • Point of Sale
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe Products
  • Network of Computers and Printers

If your business is operational today, you are more than likely using technology that is powered by the cloud. Don’t let your operation come to a standstill in the event of an internet outage and consider investing in a redundant connectivity solution.

LTE as a Primary Connection for Mobile Businesses

Whether you are running a temporary restaurant, food truck, or a pop-up shop, you are likely in need of internet connection to serve your customers. Whether it be to power your PoS and receive payments, or offer a wifi signal for your guests, an internet connection is essential for customer satisfaction. An LTE failover solution will offer you just what you need to keep your business running smoothly.

As a temporary or mobile store, you likely won’t have access to cable internet from your Internet Service Provider. You may be thinking that a simple solution to this would be to purchase a USB modem or pocket wifi. Though these solutions do offer access to internet, they are notoriously known to fail and lose connection. These are great solutions for someone who needs access to browse the internet, but if you are relying on an internet connection to power your PoS and service your customers, you will want to go with a more secure connection.

With an LTE connection, your business can thrive 24/7, without the worry of an internet outage. The Richmond Telecom LTE failover solution will allow you to power your PoS, CRM, Inventory database, and whatever other technology you use to keep your business running.

Maximize Profitability with an LTE Failover Solution

Internet connection is essential to modern day businesses, no matter what vertical your business serves. Make sure you are set up for success in the event of an internet outage. Keep your customers happy, your revenue steady, and your employees productive in the event of an internet outage.

Not Just Any Telecom Company. We’re Richmond Telecom.

Not Just Any Telecom Company. We’re Richmond Telecom.

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