25 Must-Have UCaaS Features & Benefits

The reliance on cloud-based messaging tools is on the rise and when a cloud-based communication tool is packaged as a complete solution like UCaaS, it is safe to assume that it is here to stay. With flexible and remote working becoming the new norm, startups and large enterprises now realize that on premises communications is not what they need. Instead, they look up to communication solutions like UCaaS, which offers collaboration tools to streamline business communication completely while lowering the company’s cost.

In this post, we look at the top 25 must-have UCaaS features that makes it the best choice for businesses today.

#1. PSTN Connectivity – A feature that ensures connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) which is essential to connect with people outside of the office.

#2. Toll-Free Numbers – So your customers can connect with you easily and you can gain their trust and route calls to specialized teams.

#3. Connectivity via Auto Attendant – “Press 0 to connect with our sales representative.” If you have heard this, know that it is a feature known as auto attendant, which directs the callers based on the numerical input on their dial pad.

#4. Direct-Dial Feature – If you want to bypass the auto-attendant, this feature allows you to connect with the concerned person more personally and in a friendly manner.

#5. Call Recording – For complete visibility into customer calls to review them later and improve their customer satisfaction.

#6. Call Analytics – A feature that handles the speed of answers, handle times, and a lot more to improve overall customer satisfaction.

#7. Integrated Mobile App – Allows employees to place calls and stay connected via their smartphones.

#8. Integrated Desktop App – Creates a unified desktop experience that allows employees to receive, place and transfer calls, set their availability, and manage a lot more interaction.

#9. Cloud Hosted PBX – A feature that allows you to run your business’s entire phone system via an internet connection.

#10. Audio Conferencing – Makes it easier for the employees to connect for remote meetings.

#11. Video Conferencing – It is easy to set up, host, and record video meetings with this feature.

#12. Web Conferencing – The web conferencing feature allows you to get your partners and customers to join you securely and easily.

#13. Display of Team Member’s Status – When working in a team, you need to know whether the members are on a call, available or busy. Find out about the team member’s status with this feature.

#14. Website Chat – Live chat feature that helps your customers connect with your business in a better way.

#15. Screen Pop Feature is one of the best ways to handle time by pulling data that allows the agents to see account value, recent purchases, and client satisfaction.

#16. Interactive Voice Response – This allows customers to interact with the phone system as the company routes the calls to the right person.

#17. Call Flow Feature – Which allows UCaaS to handle all incoming calls making it easier for nontechnical users to connect with the customers.

#18. Call Queues – For businesses with a high volume of calls, this feature adds efficiency.

#19. Queue Callbacks – A great feature for customers who don’t want to hold as it offers a queue callback option.

#20. Support via Several Channels – Reduces customer reliance on a single contact method. Instead, support them across several channels.

#21. Unified Voicemail – Ease the management of voicemails with the unified voicemail feature.

#22. Team Messaging – Keep your employees and teams connected with this efficient team messaging feature.

#23. Online Fax – Switch from your fax machine to online faxing with this exclusive UCaaS feature.

#24. Secure Data Storage – Secure all files with the cloud file storage feature.

#25. Create a Virtual Workspace – Let your cloud storage take the shape of an office where you can share files, hold meetings and do a lot more.

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