If you're looking into new phone systems for your business, you've probably heard the term "unified communications" being thrown around. But what exactly does the term refer to, and what are the benefits of unified communications solutions?

When you hear someone in the telecommunications business refer to unified communications, they are making reference to a variety of technologies that allow businesses to integrate the various forms of communications technology and devices their employees make use of. For example, with unified communications, users can be notified of new voicemail messages in email and text form, on both their office computer and their personal mobile device. This allows organizations to integrate their business operations with real-time communications like phone calls, instant messaging and video conferencing, and non-real time communications like email and fax.

Unified communications doesn't refer to a single system that you can purchase and install. Rather, it's the result of implementing a series of solutions that create a unified connection between different types of media and devices. These systems, called UC solutions, need to be installed and maintained by experienced IT professionals. However, if you don't have a strong internal IT department, don't worry. Richmond Telecom will help you implement these solutions and provide a 24/7 tech support service to help you work out any potential kinks in the system.

The main benefits of unified communications include a more integrated business workflow and the substantial cost savings that can come with it. When your employees can access all your company's communications from any of their devices, wherever they are, less time and effort is wasted on signing on and off of different accounts and switching from device to device.

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