Does your office environment feel tense? Are people stressed even when trying to complete simple projects? You're not alone.

According to the Queens University of Charlotte, 39 percent of people believe that colleagues don't collaborate enough. Yet, 75 percent of employers rated teamwork and collaboration as "very important." So, what gives? It's not as if companies are failing to recognize how important consistent communication and collaboration is to their bottom line.

Many of these companies, unfortunately, lack the tools and resources to collaborate more efficiently. They aren't sure where to start. Or, they may fear that restructuring aspects of their business may be expensive and time consuming.

However, there is an easy solution that will ensure companies won't have to move seats, change people's job titles or reform departments.

The answer: streamlined communication using a customizable, reliable platform that everyone can use whether he or she is contacting employees or clients on a personal mobile device or a workplace desktop.

For example, if a company were to install Avaya IP Office platform, this is what it'd obtain:

Streamlined communications

Interact with colleagues on a single, reliable database. Want to video conference? Use Avaya IP Office. Want to call someone using Avaya? Avaya brings all communication types together under one umbrella.


Avaya puts SIP, an IP telephony signaling protocol for internet telephony, at the core of your communications network.

Easy Administration

One of the worst parts of working with traditional phones and headsets are the IT problems. Reduce IT overhead by stripping away the wires and allowing employees to manage their IP Office from a single platform. That means they can call, message or set up HD video conference with a few mouse clicks.


Is your communications network overwhelmed? Avaya can scale to 2,500 users at a single location or up to 150 sites globally. This is perfect for midsize businesses who aren't quite at the scale yet, but feel they will be soon.

These are only some of the features that a streamlined, communications platform, such as Avaya, offers.

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