Does your company have an important teleconference or video conference in the near future? If you do, what are a few thing you worry most about, besides, of course, being well-prepared?

"If connection is a major

concern, you need to replace your current phone system."

One problem you may come across is the overall connection. If connection is a major concern, you need to think about replacing your current phone system with a new one. Don't take the chance of losing a client or closing a deal because you can hardly hear the presenters or the video fails to come through clearly.

Let's first address a few audio and video conference call problems, and then we'll offer a solution:


Have you ever heard an echo on the other end of the line? Some phones lack echo cancelation which, as the name suggests, stops sound from echoing through the phone.

Poor voice quality

This often happens when a company chooses a poor VoIP solution or doesn't consider bandwidth, ATA/router, phone frequencies and the location of the installed equipment.

Materials and documents

What page of the business proposal is your client referring to midway through the conference? If only your business was set up with voice communication, you wouldn't have to ask. What if there was a way to avoid interrupting the flow of the presentation and still see exactly what he or she is looking at?

One way to solve these issues is by using the Mitel MiVoice Conference Phone which is designed specifically for conference rooms, boardrooms and executive offices. You can hear your clients the way they're supposed to be heard through Mitel's superior sound quality. This unit also integrates seamlessly with laptops. In the past, laptops would have to be tethered to projectors, rendering the computers almost useless for those who wanted to take notes and access emails. That's not the case when using the Mitel MiVoice Conference Phone.

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Not Just Any Telecom Company. We’re Richmond Telecom.

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