Do your employees communicate with each other using traditional phone lines? Do they conduct business with clients on old phone networks? If they are, you should think about upgrading your system to VoIP technology. Also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, this network uses broadband internet connections to enable employees to easily talk with one another and clients. VoIP is also much more efficient than traditional phone systems.

Here are three reasons why you should switch over to VoIP services today.

1. Simple to install and maintain

If your company wants to install a traditional phone line in your company, they'll have to run wiring throughout the entire facility. This isn't just a headache, it's a burden for employees who are trying to work. Some VoIP systems, like Skype, are easy to set up. Download it and you're ready to go. Other's take a little bit more work to put in place, but they are, overall, much easier to set up than phone lines.

2. Flexible

Does your company employ field workers? Do they travel a lot? If so, then a VoIP system is the perfect fit for your company. Calls can be transferred anywhere because of how flexible these systems are.

3. They have traditional features

Do you want your phone system to have features such as call hold, call transfer and conference calling? Most VoIP systems have this already, plus so much more.

If you're hesitant about upgrading to VoIP because you're not sure how it'll impact your business, fear not. You won't be the only one making the switch. The marketing firm Juniper Research estimated that by the year 2017, 1 billion people will be using VoIP.

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