Running a business is hard. You need to juggle many hats as the owner, vice-president, or office executive. 

Why Do You Need To Switch To A VoIP System?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, exists to provide phone services online. They have more functionality than regular landlines and allow businesses to outsource call services more easily. You can reroute calls with less hassle, and avoid busy lines. In addition, you can make and receive more phone calls, and maximize your business potential. 

More importantly, you can compress and store information more easily. Phone calls are made using analog systems; VoIP converts the analog data into electric, stores them into transferable packets, and organizes them accordingly. This allows your business a higher carrying capacity for phone calls. You can also organize your phone interactions under one system in the case of an emergency or creating an electronic trail.  

Let’s consider you own a small business on the coast. Especially in Richmond, local lines tend to shut down due to power outages. How will you protect your data, and stay in contact with clients? You want to have reliable alternatives to access your Internet and work connections. Having VoIP cloud systems mean that you have that backup, and can notify everyone about delays on projects and when you plan to return to business. Power surges will never swallow your data again.

Our Internet services use fiber-optic cables, which offer the fastest and highest quality connection. That way, the two systems can work in tandem. We offer the VoIP to go with access to the fiber-optics as well. Our system creates stronger and faster connections, which in turn make our VoIP system capable of handling high signal exchanges. 

Richmond Premium VoIP Services and Phone Solutions Are Available

If you are looking to receive premium VoIP services, we can offer you a complete phone system that comes with all of the latest technological advances. These advanced features will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • As many phone line connections as you may require
  • A custom phone number for each line
  • Customer support
  • Call recording
  • Cloud-based support
  • Video conferencing
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Auto-attendant
  • Full service on your internet connection

Moving to VoIP lets you cut costs while enabling you to have these additional features, which land and mobile lines lack. You can multitask while on calls and complete assignments more quickly. Make unlimited phone calls, with long-distance and international locations. Save your voicemails online to have verbal logs. Create an interactive voice menu, and customize for mobile options for employees out of the office. 

Organize With Automated Phone Systems

Why do you need an automated attendant? To organize your phone system and direct your calls without annoying customers and maintaining efficiency. The auto-attendant works as an electronic secretary and operator, sending callers to appropriate employees and inboxes, without needing human interference. It has a programmed voice that will respond, without sounding like a monotonous robot. 

Let’s say you are a carpentry business, and someone calls to ask about custom-made furniture. An auto attendant would tell them which button to press for your custom furniture employee, or which voicemail to leave a message. If the caller knows the extension, they can dial accordingly. The system saves the trouble of a secretary or owner picking up and having to either transfer the call or hand the phone to their furniture maker.

Not convinced? The auto attendant can even reach mobile and computer numbers, which makes the system extremely versatile and flexible. You can even choose to switch from personal to work phones if you wish when the occasion arises. 

VoIP systems offer the best support for auto attendants. The Internet’s carrying capacity and cloud backup mean that in the case of a crash, you can reset the system to designated settings. That’s why we offer auto attendants at Richmond Telecom. 

Full Cloud-Based Support For A Wide Range Of Services

You often worry about cutting costs, and phone bills. Especially if you reach out to clients by phone, to schedule meetings or convey important feedback on projects, you don’t want phone companies to cut off your service abruptly because of the amount of calls skyrockets. It will happen when you grow. Email is reliable, but sometimes you need that interaction with clients in addition to face-to-face meetings. 

Using cloud support for your phone means you won’t have to pay the landline company for those calls. We provide easy setup, which will also save time for your business as opposed to handling regular phone systems. You won’t have any additional costs on hardware or setup once we lay down the foundation. 

How does cloud support work? It’s quite simple; at Richmond Telecom, we maintain an independent cloud that is password protected. We set up phones that are connected to the Internet and negotiate with ISPs to prevent Internet disruptions proactively. Our servers support the cloud and offer multi-factor authentication so that you won’t have to worry about security. When you need assistance, reach out to our customer service. 

Our systems are backed up on the cloud to provide the ultimate level of security. You won’t need to worry about potential hacks or leaks because we use thorough authentication to protect your data. In the case of relocating offices, your data will also remain available to you, even in case of emergency.

Get The Best Customer Service With Your New Deal

Our customer service options are truly second to none. We adjust our systems for clients of all sizes, large and small. When you open a small business, we can offer you a VoIP phone system that will contain all of the features you need to reach all of your partners and potential clients in an instant. 

You Can Take Advantage Of Our Business VoIP Services Today

When you run a business, you need to keep your technology up to date. Richmond Telecom can help you get into the twenty-first century. It’s not a time to rely on clunky landline systems.

If you are ready to enjoy a whole new level of state of the art business VoIP services, contact us today to get a quote. We offer continuous customer support for all of your questions, comments, and concerns. 

We will be happy to give you all of the latest info concerning our Richmond VoIP phone systems. Let us know your business size, and goals; so we can determine the best system for your needs.

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Not Just Any Telecom Company. We’re Richmond Telecom.

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