Communication is the lifeblood of any business. Without communicating properly, a business will struggle to make money. Communication is also a vital part of any company's public relations initiatives. If something goes wrong, a company must be able to step up quickly to quiet the noise.

One way to improve communication is by using a reliable phone system. Think about the system you currently use. Are phone wires all over the place? Your company is likely using an older phone network to do business, which could be costing it a bundle of money.

More than ever before, companies are switching over their traditional phone lines to VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. In short, a VoIP converts voice vibrations to digital signals. It then switches these digital signals to normal telephone signals if the other person is using an older, non VoIP telephone. For example, think about Skype. When using this VoIP you can call somebody even if he or she is using a landline.

The market for VoIP is rapidly growing — approximately 15 percent each year until 2017 — so if you haven't thought about upgrading your phones, you should. Juniper Research, a market research firm, estimated that by 2017, 1 billion companies could be using VoIP services. According to Infonetics Research, VoIP seats could double from 2012 to 2016. Seats are the number of users connected to a VOIP system.

VoIP holds a number of advantages over traditional phone systems. They are easier to install and maintain. Don't worry about ripping out your company's walls to install new phone wiring when your company expands. VoIP, instead, uses a broadband internet connection.

VoIP is also less expensive to maintain. With traditional phone networks, it's often pricey to install a brand new phone when you hire new employees. However, if you use VoIP, the process is much simpler. When you hire employees, just add them to the network. When they leave, you can simply remove them.

If you're looking to cut costs, but still maintain a high level of efficiency, upgrade to VoIP.

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