VoIP phone systems are universal in the business world, and so are many of the problems that they can encounter. A glitch in your company's phone system can end up preventing crucial communications, both internal and external, from taking place and result in hours of lost time for employees. However, if you have a reliable IT services team on call, many of these issues can be resolved relatively quickly.

Here are some of the more common problems you may encounter with your VoIP system:

Not enough bandwidth: At times when many more people than usual are using your office's phone system at the same time, you may run into problems with the internet connection being overloaded, leading to poor audio quality and dropped calls. To correct this problem permanently, you may need to increase your office network's bandwidth during peak work hours.

Poor-quality calls: Oftentimes, poor call quality is caused by packet loss, which happens when some of the data "packets" containing your vocal audio data are lost in transmission. Your VoIP service provider can help you come up with solutions to prevent this issue.

Security issues: As with any internet connection, there are some security threats posed by the potential of hackers accessing an office VoIP system. To ensure that your business doesn't fall victim to system viruses, malware, phishing and even identity theft, it's important to have strong security measures in place. Work together with your IT team to install firewalls, intrusion prevision systems and other safeguards.

At Richmond Telecom, we can help you solve all these problems and more. Our IT services teams are available to help you with any VoIP issues your business may encounter.

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Not Just Any Telecom Company. We’re Richmond Telecom.

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