Many times, salespeople are on the road networking, building relationships and making sales. If they're not on the road, they're in the office doing the same thing. To ensure busy sales people can do their job efficiently, companies need to have properly working (and appropriate) phone systems.

Some small companies can get by with digital phones, but if your company is growing or is already a medium to large corporation, think about upgrading to VoIP. Here are some ways this service can make the lives of your salespeople easier.

1. Reliability

Years ago, companies wouldn't touch VoIP because it was a new service. They needed a service they could consistently rely on, which were digital phones. But that was then and this is now. VoIP today is extremely reliable. Don't worry about dropped calls or down time. Even better, it's easy to install.

2. Portability

When you're using digital phones, you generally can't move the phone to another place (e.g., a different office or your home) and use the same phone number. You'd have to call the phone company to help you integrate the system into its new location. With VoIP, portability isn't an issue. As long as there's IP connectivity, you can take the phone system anywhere and keep the same number.

3. Integration with other applications

Often VoIP can integrate or collaborate with other applications, such as email, web browsers, instant messenger and social media apps. An example of this integration is delivering a voicemail via email and voice call buttons on emails.

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