More and more companies are adopting cloud-based VoIP solutions as their advantages over hosting VoIP systems in-house become more well-known. If your company is considering investing in a cloud-based system, here are just a few of those advantages to help you make up your mind:

Flexibility: Cloud-based VoIP systems have greater flexibility of use than locally-hosted systems. Storing phone data in the cloud makes it easier to add new users quickly, meaning that new employees can have their phone lines set to receive calls in a matter of hours. The pricing for these systems is often also more flexible, allowing companies to pay only for the data they end up using.

Less work for the IT team: If you're currently hosting your company's VoIP system on on-site servers, this means that your IT team is likely spending a good deal of its time updating and maintaining the required equipment. With a cloud-based system, the cloud services provider is responsible for keeping its own hardware working properly, freeing up your IT employees for more urgent and complicated tasks.

Lower risk of service disruption: Due to the above-mentioned need for constant maintenance of on-site systems, they are often unreliable and can cause interruptions in your office's connectivity. This can lead to dissatisfied customers and clients if they attempt to get in contact with you while your phone system is down. Cloud services, on the other hand, are much less likely to be influenced by factors like natural disasters and local power outages, making your business more reliably accessible to its clients.

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